Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just Cupcakes- Harry Potter Cupcakes

A second look...
Yes, the hope for these 4 Harry Potter Cupcake designs are what brought me to Just Cupcakes this time. These Harry Potter Cupcakes were advertised on the Just Cupcakes Facebook page: "We will have our Harry Potter cupcakes in the shop on Thursday, Friday and Saturday - while they last :-) If you'd like to place an order, please call either shop or order online."
It didn't not say that the cupcakes were by order I just not getting this part?
You may remember this place as a runner up on Cupcake Wars
After a long drive, we arrived at the destination early and at opening to make sure they weren't sold out, to find that the Harry Potter Cupcakes are by order only and would be available Saturday only without an order. After expressing my disappointment and making a different cupcake selection, as we were leaving, the manager did come out with the 4 cupcakes that I had originally came for and apologised for the misunderstanding and the cupcakes were swapped out. I still left somewhat disappointed in the whole experience. When something is advertised it needs to be clear if something is for order only.
 This time the cupcakes did have ample icing compared to my last review of Just Cupcakes. Since my last review, I have also heard from another little elf that visited this cupcakery saying... "they're just not that great." You can read more similar reviews at it isn't just my elves and I!
While the cupcakes taste fine and are decorated nicely, they are nothing that makes you want to "Wow!" and I knew that already. At $3 a cupcake, people want that "wow factor." The wow factor I wanted...was the Harry Potter designs and they are cute and that is why I still decided to share them with you!

*Update- since this post Just Cupcakes has continued to respond to people on Facebook saying the Harry Potter Cupcakes are available in store with no mention to an order needed*

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